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Compromised of 23 Board Certified Radiologists, provides professional diagnostic imaging services in North Central West Virginia.

Since 1968, RPA, Radiological Physician Associates, have been providing quality services in a private setting. Currently, we service the Radiology Department for 14 hospitals, 15 outpatient clinics, and 4 private physician offices.

Cloud Imaging Solutions

RPA, Radiological Physician Associates, makes medical image sharing with patients, colleagues and other organizations easier than ever.

Our cloud imaging allows our Radiology Team to quickly and securely upload, access, manage and share medical images from any Internet-connected computer, no matter what the location.


The mission of RPA, Radiological Physician Associates, is to provide our patients and our referring physicians with services which adhere to high professional, personal and ethical standards.

We strive to produce services which are responsive, prompt, and knowledgeable, through human concern, a cooperative attitude, and continuing education.

Radiological Physician Associates

RPA utilizes an Internet based Radiology Information System(RIS), and Cloud Imaging Software, as a service (Saas) platform which empowers collaboration by allowing our group of experienced RPA XRAY Radiologists to access and share medical images and documents from Internet-connected computers or mobile devices at any time through technology provided by NUANCE and ThinAir Data.


Our services at RPA include: order entry and scheduling for the client; digital dictation and transcription; electronic signature for medical reporting; automatic report distribution, and access to multiple locations throughout our network.

Latest News

RADIOLOGICAL PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATES signs agreement with Preston Memorial Hospital

By RPAXRAY | November 28, 2017 | 1 Comment

September 3, 2014 Fairmont, WV (September 3, 2014) — Radiological Physician Associates (RPA), a premier provider of professional radiology services, announces that they have been awarded the professional imaging services agreement with Preston Memorial Hospital, in Kingwood, West Virginia. RPA delivers a full range of professional services primarily through their quality radiologists and an extensive […]


West Virginia Hospital Administrators Commend Radiological Physician Associates (RP AXRA Y.COM) on 45 Years of Continued Healthcare Services

By RPAXRAY | March 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

The State of West Virginia congratulates RP A and welcomes new hospital administration, radiologists, and medical facilities to join Radiological Physician Associates on their 45 Year Anniversary of healthcare services. Radiological Physician Associates (RPAXRAY) is West Virginia’s largest radiology and tele-rad group. Over 45 years ago, two young doctors started a small private radiology practice […]


VuCOMP M-Vu® CAD for Mammography Installed at Mon General Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia

By RPAXRAY | March 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

PLANO, Texas, May 21, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE)– VuCOMP, Inc. announced today that it has installed M-Vu ComputerAided Detection (CAD) for mammography at Mon General Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. VuCOMP’s CAD system is designed to provide an unprecedented level of performance to help radiologists find breast cancer earlier. Mon General Hospital will use this technology […]


The Pitfalls of Technology and Automation

By RPAXRAY | March 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

Radiologists and healthcare professionals, like may business leaders, are constantly striving to “raise the bar.” The environment we live and breath in requires continual improvements in healthcare delivery and business process operation. Call it economic Darwinism, but this “survival of the fittest” is ultimately what pushes us to do more with less. Download Full Article […]


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