TRIS with ThinAir Data Corp

Built from the ground up using industry-standard technologies, the new web-based TeleRIS Teleradiology Management Solution expands the functionality that makes TRIS the platform of choice for the country's leading Teleradiology providers. TeleRIS delivers enhanced workflow and reporting modules, making it a superior value for any group to grow and improve efficiency.

TRIS is a premier Teleradiology Information System, which consolidates patient data from multiple facilities. Radiological Physician Associates, the State of West Virginia's largest private Radiology practice, provides professional diagnostic imaging services to multiple hospitals and clinics in West Virginia and maintains oversight for interface projects. This interface allows RPA, to create a new patient order in the TRIS system automatically, with minimal human intervention. The interface is designed to increase efficiencies and minimize patient report turnaround time, then the results are forwarded to the NUANCE PACS System.

ThinAir Data, has been delivering radiology workflow solutions for over 20 years and RPA has been partnering with ThinAir Data Corporation since 2004. ThinAir Data Corp. has created the RPA workflow structure from the ground up to meet their customer's needs. That workflow has evolved since its inception with countless modifications to increase end-user and radiologist efficiency. During its tenure in the marketplace, TRIS has grown in functionality, flexibility and has long represented the standard by which near-competitors are judged.

Advocate Radiology Billing

ADVOCATE Radiology Billing and Reimbursement Specialists has been the benchmark leader in radiology billing since 1998. Advocate has invested more capital in technology than any other radiology specific billing company in the industry.  Our investment in the latest technology, our complete understanding and focus on radiology has allowed us to build the premier radiology billing process.  With our EBT technology, we can apply business rules with uniform consistency and exact specifications at predetermined intervals during the billing process to maximize your revenue.  We utilize tested business methods and the latest technology to produce consistently superior revenue results for our clients. ADVOCATE is radiology.

ADVOCATE provides a broad range of managed billing services to radiology practices and imaging centers nationwide. We have done our homework and have developed the most evolved radiology claims processing infrastructure focused specifically on radiology reimbursement, claims processing and compliance, available today. The result is the ability to achieve and surpass client expectations.

ADVOCATE, has a seasoned staff of professionals, focused on addressing the unique needs of today’s practicing radiologists. ADVOCATE offers a diverse range of talent to deliver the exemplary support clients expect. This means quick reaction to market conditions, efficient decision making and implementation, and a hands-on approach to the reimbursement process and customer relations.  ADVOCATE is uniquely positioned and has the people and infrastructure to manage the business of radiology effectively and efficiently.

ADVOCATE offers a truly complete, integrated approach to business issues that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with a wide range of business and industry knowledge to help clients excel.  We deliver proven technology and management expertise to help our clients meet and exceed their financial goals.  With 20 years of radiology billing experience, and proven measurable results, ADVOCATE works as a trusted and stable business partner to provide clients with a reliable trouble-free implementation, increase cash flow, training, and support.

Nuance: Cloud-based Medical Image Sharing

Nuance is the nation's leading cloud-based medical image sharing solution, and is the largest and most experienced cloud-based medical image-exchange platform available today, enabling collaborative coordination of care while providing users with both security and ease of use. Access to medical images is critical to trauma transfers, specialty consults, patient image requests, and many other clinical scenarios.

The adoption of Nuance has allowed RPA, Radiological Physician Associates, to efficiently process more than 250,000 studies each year. Previously, these images were read manually on roto-viewers and then on RPA servers that required frequent upgrades and expensive licensing fees. The web-based system has also allowed RPA to hire physicians who are not in their immediate geographical region. Nuance provides web-based installation and updates, as well as 24-hour support so RPA never has to interrupt their cycle of care. The ability to add doctors without additional licensing fees, combined with quick turnaround times, has allowed RPA to experience 23% growth in the number of patients they are able to service each year.